Smoke Bombs Away

We’ve got some housecleaning items to take care of today at Skipah’s Realm.  First my mail bag has been inundated with requests (or a lively debate a work today) with my thoughts on Bruce Jenner.  My answer is I really don’t care.  Calling him a national hero is kind of bullshit since I see pictures every day of soldiers coming home with body parts missing all because some 12 year old kid who has been indoctrinated since he was old enough to read to hate Americans, had an internet connection to google how to make a “dirty” bomb, and stole two cases of bent nails from some Iranian hardware store.  Those men and women are heroes.  Giving him an ESPY because he’s a former Olympic champion who decided he was a woman, please ESPN.  Since ESPY is a bullshit made for TV award anyway I don’t really give a hoot anyway, but it’s excellence in sports or something like that, wouldn’t Lauren Hill be more fitting?  I’m not bashing the man/woman either he can be to transgender issues what Martin Luther King was for civil right issues.  That’s great because now that he’s not riding that Kardashian gravy train he’s going to need the extra coin.

When six figure speaking engagements start showing up on his radar, once again I say good for him.  It is America and the same soldiers that get marginalized and protested against when they get home are the reason why Bruce Jenner is about to become the wealthiest transgender of all time.  It’s a freedom he and I and the rest of us in this country get to enjoy all made possible my many years of soldiers coming home mutilated or not coming home at all.  I haven’t really followed this story too much because frankly I really don’t care, but read a few blog posts earlier today making him out to be the greatest American since Abraham Lincoln when actually anybody knows its Katy Perry.  He still always be Bruce in my book and the look alike stunt double for the dude who starred in “Flash Gordon” a long time ago.  To quote Don King “Only in America!”

Sloane’s softball coach had his own little “oopsy” today also.  He’s coaching the all-star team, and yes for reason I’ll never fathom there is an all-star team in this age group, and got his all-star practice and regular team practice mixed up.  So when we showed up for practice he was profusely apologizing, no big deal I live five minutes away and it was an honest mistake.  He even texted an apology again this evening.  I got to turn it into a teaching moment for Sloane when explaining to her what an all-star was.  She now wants to be an all-star next year and knows she has to get better to be one.

Since she had already had dinner before I picked her up there was no big fiesta planned for tonight since she was supposed to be practicing during dinner time.  I thought she would want to ride bikes.  “Nope too hot” was her response.  It’s in the mid to lower 80s here today, frigging today’s youth!  We settled for smoke bombs and good ole fashioned conversation on the back patio for the majority of the evening.  The first smell of Sulphur for the year is like a gear head taking a sniff of the racing fuel at Daytona.  It’s pungent and any firework pyro knows it’s the most pleasant smell in the world.  We burned up our smoke bombs and resisted the temptation to go get more.  Don’t think we won’t be burning more before this weekend is up and I told her we can do sparklers tomorrow.  Now just waiting for the out of town pirates to show up anytime now and occupy decades old empty buildings selling their nuclear arsenals for pyros like me to buy up.  Sloane could care less she’s ready for the parachute men.  If you don’t know what parachute men fireworks are google that shit, she and I have been shooting them off since she was old enough to walk.

About it for the night, long day at work, longer one tomorrow.  Then it’s our big weekend, practice tomorrow, and Saturday is kind of a conundrum.  She/we have options to go swimming or go to Churchill to watch the Belmont.  She will have a blast at either one I’m sure, the Churchill is very tempting though because by golly there is a horse going for the Triple Crown and it hasn’t happened since I was three years old.  Would be pretty neat to see at Churchill and something Sloane would remember for the rest of her life.  We’ve also got an open invite to go to a swim party which is obviously cheaper, so I’m not sure what we are going to do.  She’s been to the track twice though and loved it both times so I’m leaning to that because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and who knows I could hit some 2,000,000 dollar superfecta, I definitely don’t to explain this to Kentuckians but for the non-horse racing fan it’s picking the first four horses in order.  Then Sunday we make the drive up I-71 to watch the god awful Reds play the San Diego Padres.  No matter how much they suck a day at a Major League Ballpark is a better than most and she is going with one of her besties so it should be a fun time!

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  1. Yes is is difficult to be transgender. They face challenges and harassment every day. But calling him a hero? No - give the honours to someone else. Maybe one of the first transgenders or someone who took a stand against abuse. Not someone who is still famous because of this Kardashian nonsense.

  2. Hammy is feeling neglected this week, I’m liable to come home to vodka bottles strewn all over the place

  3. Better go check on Hammy. I haven’t heard from him in a while, and I know anything about KGB agents (which I don’t, unless they’re like children) is that when they’re quiet, they’re planning something.

    Right on with the Jenner thing. I’m sick of hearing about it. Dating is hard enough! Now I have to compete with supermodels *and* Caitlyn Jenner?

    Have a great day at work. I’d tell you to have fun this weekend, but sounds like you’ve got it covered.


  4. I’m leaning that way, looks like this about the best shot for one in a while.

  5. Glad you guys got to hang out with some smoke bombs in the back yard. Seems like you two have quite a busy schedule in the next few days, can’t wait to hear about it. Although it might cost more, that would be awesome for you guys to witness the Triple Crown. I say go for it!

  6. Are you stalking me? Unless Katy Perry is on tour in eastern Kentucky I see no reason to spend time there. It is a weird part of the world.

  7. Have you ever spent any time in eastern Kentucky? Someone had to do this but why’d it have to be me. I keep looking for the TV cameras but it’s all real. Hopefully, I won’t be here too long. Getting some good shots though. I wonder if she knows about the other woman.

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