The Daddy-Daughter Adventures Continue

Good evening everybody, had to take a night off last night as the blonde bomber and I got home way to late from the balloon glow.  Lot to cover from the past two days so let’s get started shall we!

First off we have a pandemic at the house, evidently Hammy has gotten a little frisky or still dreaming of become a Navy pilot because our TV remote has gone missing.  Sloane and I have scoured every nook and cranny of the house and still can’t seem to find it.  We spent the past two days with the vigor of a FBI man hunt looking for the magical channel changer.  To compensate for this we have strapped Hammy to the cable box and have him change the channel in exchange for vodka laden Jell-O shots.  So far it seems to be working, and I’m hoping by tonight he will be bombed enough to give up the secret location of the remote.

Yesterday, after a day of work that would drive a Tibetan monk to a life of crime, I obtained legal custody of my only daughter at roughly 4:45 p.m.  It’s been full throttle ever since.  Dinner with my friend and her family at this quaint little All-American fare bistro (best I could do for you Applebee’s), then it was off to the balloon glow.  That is where the adventure really began.

I’ve mentioned on here at least 305 times about how intelligent the state of Kentucky is sometimes.  Yesterday was just another validation, currently they are building a brand spanking new bridge on Interstate 65 and that part of the world is a traffic nightmare.  The three lane interstate is down to two, detours that lead to detours are the norm, and it plain sucks no matter what the day is.  Throw in its Derby Festival time and all the activities that accompany it and it really sucks right now.  So what does the geniuses at the Kentucky Department of Transportation do?  They shut down another major artery Interstate 64, so some demolition work can be done for the new interstate exchanges.  The 20 minute trip to the balloon glow took almost an hour!  It’s a four year project on both sides of the Ohio River, really during your state’s biggest time of the year (other than when the marijuana harvest comes in) your biggest city has to become a parking lot?  Was there not something else to do on this project to get us through Derby time?

We finally arrived at the balloon glow and you can bet your ass this will be an event for us every two years.  Awesome is the only way I can describe it.  Also balloon pilots have Freon in their blood because you can feel the heat off of one of those from a good 20-25 feet away.  Being up close to a hot air balloon is beyond cool.  Sloane and her classmate that we were with had the most fun of all.  It cost all of $5.00 to get in per person, and I can’t wait in two years to take her again.  Next year she will get her first taste of Thunder over Louisville and like I mentioned previously she and I are going to take full advantage of the Kentucky Derby Festival now.  No more taking this special time of year for granted.  After some parking lot adventures and the fact that the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center still hasn’t figured out how to move traffic the blonde bomber and I got home pretty late.  She was out before we hit the interstate to head home!


Today Mother Nature decided to do her best to transform our area into Venice, Italy but it didn’t deter us.  Sloane had requested fruit for breakfast yesterday so I’m made melon balls out of honeydew and served her breakfast in bed.  From there it was a trip for some grandma spoiling (she won’t get to have her overnight until June) and I ran some errands while they reinvented the wheel.  While I was errand running I had an epiphany.  I’ve mentioned the upcoming court date, well one of the things I’m getting taken back to court over was a string of text messages with MY DAUGHTER.  So what did Skipah do, headed off to AT & T to weigh my options (or play with the new Samsung Galaxy 6…..whoa!).  After finding out it would just be cheaper to add a phone to my account than to get Sloane a “burner” phone I did just that.

(Late night, slept in same clothes, we’ve all been there!)

The gentleman at AT & T, who coincidentally got an outstanding review online with customer service, made the process easy as possible.  He was divorced and also had a custody battle so he was more than helpful.  So know my seven year old daughter is the proud recipient of her own smart phone.  Don’t worry old timer who has no idea how the internet works.  It’s on my personal AT & T account I have complete 100% control over content.  All data I had turned off and it will only work if she is on a Wi-Fi signal.  Since I’m vice president of Android in southern Indiana and my best friend is the president between the two of us she won’t as so much be able to download an app without me signing off on it.  She has spent all evening texting her grandma and sending me her own personal selfies.  To say this doesn’t warm my heart I would be lying.

From now on any communication I have with my daughter when she isn’t with me will be on a phone I bought her so there will be no more bullshit in regards to using text messages with my daughter against me.  Plus since her mother didn’t “agree” to it she isn’t going to pay for any of it so I’m not giving her the phone number.  She doesn’t need it anyway since it’s for only when Sloane is not with me.  Going to start dusting off the mantle for that father of the year plaque.

The daddy-daughter weekend journey continue tomorrow as I’m taking her to church so she can witness all of her classmates receive their first communion, and then we are off to a classmates communion party (I don’t know why I had it in my head it was today….I’m an idiot), hopefully the weather will finally let up and we can ride some bikes or take another long walk.  Either way it will be a blast!  Now if we can just get this damn hamster to turn over the remote control before he passes out!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. I don’t live in Phoenix, Arizona we are picking out winter coats and praying for a White Christmas that time of year. BTW I hate snow and cold weather!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! We have balloon races here in the valley and one year during a Christmas thing downtown they had hot air balloons and you are right they are really really loud and really really hot! But, they are so dang neat! Hope you had a good time at the communion party! Thanks for linking up to the #BigTopBlogParty and congratulations again for being one of our Featured Acts again this week!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  3. Thanks! Now if I could only find magical co-parenting serum for her mother to take.

  4. I love reading about daddy who spends time with his kids. This sounds like an awesome time for you two. My son and I it’s usually surfing. But hey we both actually love it. I’ll be reading more I’m sure.

  5. It can be a stacked deck if mommy has an ulterior motive that for sure! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. #BigTopBlogParty forgot to mention that lol

  7. Its hard being a Dad sometimes but sounds like you are doing a great job. I would love to go up in a balloon one day its on the bucket list.

  8. She loves it, and yes the balloon glow is must see at least once!

  9. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Plano has a balloon fest every year around September - I’m going to check it now, just for you!

    My daughter was so excited when she got her first phone. I’m glad Sloane is appreciating hers, too!


  10. The Derby Festival is great all kind of unique and cheap activities

  11. Glad you two had some fun! Those balloons look fantastic.

  12. I’m the cats ass now with the smartphone, we’ve done had a quick lesson on what “available memory” is. I didn’t turn her loose with a galaxy or iphone. It’s a communication device for me to talk/text with her. Balloon glow was more awesome that I could describe.

  13. Sounds like you two had a blast! Those balloons really are something else when you’re up close to them. Too bad you can’t somehow make it an annual tradition instead of bi-annual. Well played with the smartphone, I bet Sloane was ecstatic! Hopefully communion parties are fun, enjoy the day!

  14. It’s a once a year event hear, the Derby time is a very special time of the year for this area. I try to be the best dad that I can be, she thinks she is hot stuff now with her “phone”, thanks for reading as always and send me some of the Florida weather. Running the furnace in April is not cool!

  15. It sounds like the balloon glow was fantastic! I am so jealous, we don’t have many of those anywhere near here. Good job on getting her the phone, you are doing a great job as a Dad, Gary. She is lucky to have you! 🙂

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