Are you Ready for Some Football?

The fine folks at Pigskin Fantasy U recently contacted me inquiring if I would be interested writing a little blurb about their website.  Let me get this straight, I’m a guy and you want me to write about a football website?  Hold on a second while I wipe the drool off my mouth, this is akin to asking dog if he wants a T-bone for dinner.

First off you have to create a user name, piece of cake you can use your Twitter or Facebook account or if you are still living in the stone ages and don’t have neither of these a simple username and active email address will work.  If you don’t have an active email address I suggest you go to your local museum and see if you can seek employment as a stand in for the dinosaur exhibits.  Registration will set you back zero dollars, and the last time I checked that is a good thing.


After you register you have one of two options.  You can either join an existing public league or create your own.  If you have an “inside” contact… say…. me, you can even join a “private” league.  I formed my own ten team league, aptly named Skipah’s League.  I had a whole team of creative writers come up that super cool name so you can thank them for the catchiness of the league title.  To join my league you will need the CIA level password of “Football” to join.  Yes the F is capitalized how do you think I keep some 15 year old prodigy from hacking my super cool league, duh.

After choosing my league or the league of your choice the rest is pretty self-explanatory, once everything is complete I encourage you to go to the chat room and talk as much smack as you see fit.  Draft day is Monday, August 10 at 9:00 p.m. for the soon to be trending #SkipahsLeague.

The rules are pretty easy, unlike most fantasy football leagues we won’t be using players and taking a flyer on some wide receiver that just came from his job of waiting tables at the Cracker Barrel to become a stud out of nowhere.  We will be drafting college football teams, that’s it, plain and simple.  Your roster will have a dozen teams that you drafted and on any given week you get to start seven of them.  It’s head to head format, meaning you are up against a different opponent each week.  If your seven teams win more games than your opponents than you get to claim a win for the week and bask in all your glory that only you and maybe your family pet will care about.

So click here, get registered and I’ll see you on Monday night!

This was sponsored post written on behalf of Pigskin Fantasy U &, the opinions are 100% mine.

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  2. For sure, one month from college football kicking off!

  3. Bring on football season!!

  4. It’s not exactly rocket science to join LOL

  5. I signed up. Much easier than my NFL FFL. Won’t let me change my username though.

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