Who doesn’t like Rudolph?


Who doesn’t like Rudolph?  What I was wondering this evening as I was setting the DVR up to record the claymation classic narrated by Burl Ives so Sloane can watch it tomorrow.  I’ve been called Mr. Grinch by many people over many years around this time of year (most of it warranted), but I always like the Island of Misfit Toys, Hermey the wannabe dentist, Yukon Cornelius, The Abominal Snowman, and of course Rudolph.  I’m sure when it came out back in the day kids and adults alike thought the claymation was the neatest thing since indoor plumbing.  Hell it was neat when I was a kid, now for most of us it holds some sort of nostalgic value and all of our younger children still dig it.  I’m sure though some 14 year computer nerd looks at his/her parents and says “that sucks I’m play World of Warcraft leave me alone!”  If you don’t like the Burl Ives version of Rudolph you might want to get yourself a mental evaluation.

After yet another crazy ass day at work and an even crazier one lined up for tomorrow, I came home and had an epiphany.  I don’t have to outdo myself this year wrapping presents!  For years I would constantly try to outdo myself trying to wrap presents for the ex, it pretty much got to the point were I was spending damn near as much on supplies as the gifts themselves.  I didn’t mind it though back then, I actually loved doing it, sure it was a colossal pain in the ass but I got pretty good at it over the years.  I’m pretty sure this will be the last year I have to worry about “Santa” with Sloane so she will get to experience my gift wrapping prowess next year (Santa presents are wrapped plain jane Santa doesn’t have time to get creative on Christmas Eve).  I’m sure the ex will miss that aspect of marriage and Christmas, all I can say is TOUGH SHIT!

By the way if anybody reading this and plays Candy Crush Saga please message or email me and let me know what happens if you hit the “jackpot” on the daily booster wheel.  I’ve been playing for over a year and still have never landed on it.  Just curious, does it automatically advance you to the next level or what?  Just random thoughts today while I was walking and avoiding running into parked cars while playing the game on my phone.  I also had another divorce today, it was twelve years long, but I’m cancelling my DirecTV this weekend.  Time Warner had a deal to good to pass up and it’s well documented on here how bad my internet sucks with AT & T so I’m making a move.  New life, new beginnings for me!  Now once my trial period is up in a year I’ll probably switch back but who knows!  Hopefully by then the team of Stanford scientists and I will have perfected the cultivation of the “proverbial” money tree and I won’t care.  Our motto is “Money really does grow on trees!”

Going to keep this short tonight, big local basketball war tonight and I don’t think my state school will win, but it will be interesting to see at least.  Or I could be asleep by ten p.m. who knows!


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